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    For students who want to go on to post-secondary education, early college enrollment programs offer an advantage in getting through college and also may save on college costs in the process.

    The term “dual enrollment" refers to an arrangement where students are enrolled in courses at the high school that allow them to earn both high school and college credits. Students can also choose to take college courses on the actual college campus (see below for additional information about this option). These programs are often called “early college” or “early enrollment.”

    According to the U.S. Department of Education, students who complete college credits while in high school require less remediation, have higher grade point averages (GPA), and earn more credits in college.

    The "Delaware Schools Early College Credit Chart" on the right provides additional, general information about the various types of early college credit opportunities. *SHS does not have an IB Program. 


    Smyrna High School offers several "dual enrollment" courses - students can earn both high school and college credits:



    Dual Enrollment Courses at Smyrna High School

    (2024-2025 School Year)


    Wilmington University - Composition I (121) & Composition II (122)



    Wilmington University - Finite Math

    Wilmington University - Introductory Survey of Mathematics



    Delaware Tech. Community College - Anatomy & Physiology I

    (Offered through the Allied Health Pathway)


    University of Delaware Early College Credit Program:

    University of Delaware - Changing the World & Public Policy

    University of Delaware - Food for Thought

    University of Delaware - Geological Hazards & Their Human Impact

    University of Delaware - Introduction to Women’s Studies

    University of Delaware - Media/Design/Culture

    University of Delaware - Media & Society

    University of Delaware - Studies in Popular Fiction: Horror/Sci-fi/Crime

    University of Delaware - The History of Now


    Wilmington University - Creating Environments for Learning

    Wilmington University - Learner Development & Early Literacy

    (Offered through the K-12 Teacher Academy Pathway)


    Wilmington University - Families as Partners in Education

    Wilmington University - Nutrition, Health, and Safety for Young Children

    (Offered through the Early Childhood Education Teacher Academy Pathway)


    Wilmington University - Principles of Management

    Wilmington University - Marketing

    (Offered through the Business Pathways)



    Several colleges and universities in Delaware offer the opportunity for high school students to enroll in college courses for FREE or at a reduced cost.


    Below is information about early enrollment opportunities at colleges/universities in Delaware:


    Wilmington University: Early College Programs

    Delaware State University: Early Bird Program

    Delaware Technical Community College: Dual/Early College Enrollment

    University of Delaware: Pre-College Programs


    For more information about dual/early enrollment options, please speak with your school counselor.