School Nurse Staff Directory

  • Clayton Elementary School
  • Clayton Intermediate School
  • John Bassett Moore Intermediate School
  • North Smyrna Elementary School
  • Smyrna Elementary School
  • Smyrna High School
  • Smyrna Middle School
  • Sunnyside Elementary School
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  • In accordance with House Bill 20- All public and charter schools maintaining any combination of grades 4-12 shall provide free feminine hygiene products in a minimum of ½ of bathrooms in the building and also located in the school nurse's office.


District Health Resource Information

  • A student's health status is directly related to his or her ability to learn. Because of this, Delaware provides a school nurse in every school to advocate for health care and promote a healthy school environment.

    The school nurse's role is:

    • To oversee the school health policies and programs.
    • To provide school health services and health care to students and staff.
    • To perform health screenings.
    • To coordinate referrals to the medical home or private healthcare provider.
    • To be the liaison between school personnel, family,community and healthcare providers.

  • Reminders for parents:

    • Students are not allowed to carry any medication, with the exception of an emergency inhaler, on them or in their book bags while at school.
    • Medications must be in the original containers with directions for use. Controlled substances must be brought to the nurse by an adult to be counted and signed for.
    • Any time during the school year that your student has a physical exam and/or immunizations please send a copy to the nurse. This will keep your child's medical record complete.