• Welcome to the Smyrna School District Construction tab, where innovation meets education in the form of transformative projects aimed at enhancing our learning environments. Within these virtual pages, the Smyrna School District embarks on a journey through the North Smyrna Elementary Addition, Clayton Intermediate School Addition, and the exciting venture of constructing a new school facility. As stewards of progress, the Smyrna School District is committed to providing state-of-the-art infrastructure that fosters academic excellence, nurtures creativity, and cultivates a dynamic atmosphere for both students and staff. Join us in exploring the blueprints of progress as we lay the foundation for a brighter future for the entire Smyrna community.

Current Projects:

  • New School

  • Clayton Intermediate School Addition

  • North Smyrna Elementary Addition

Grade Level Distribution in Smyrna School District After Construction

Feeder Pattern - Smyrna

Feeder Pattern - Clayton

Construction helmet at CIS addition groundbreaking event