District Long Term Capital Plan Overview

  • The district routinely completes a review of our existing buildings to determine whether they can meet our projected student capacity and what required improvements are needed to maintain the integrity of their structure and mechanical systems.  Upon completion, the district develops a long-term plan to address our building needs.

    In addition to addressing the demands of aging building systems, the district continues to grow, and projections have many schools exceeding capacity in the next few years.  Since September 2015, our district has grown by 649 students, and conservative projections have the district growing by another 800 students in the next four years.

    The district submitted its completed plan to the state for consideration.  Due to limited financial resources, commitments to previously approved projects and more pressing needs in other districts, the state was not able to support our entire plan.  However, the state did approve funding to address the most critical needs in our most overcrowded school, North Smyrna Elementary.

    The links on the side menu will provide more information on our long-term capital plan, as well as specific information for the proposed projects at North Smyrna Elementary and the previous referendums from February 22nd, 2020, March 23, 2021, and March 9, 2024.

    If you have any questions, please call 302-653-8585.