District Growth Plan Overview

  • Since September 2015, our district has grown by 649 students, and conservative projections have the district growing by another 800 students in the next four years.

    This growth has placed a significant burden on some schools, in particular North Smyrna and Smyrna Elementary. In the 2019/2020 school year, the district relocated the 4th grade from Smyrna Elementary and North Smyrna Elementary to John Bassett Moore Intermediate to address immediate concerns with overcrowding. While this will provide short term relief, a longer term plan to address increasing enrollment is required. The plan calls for expansion of North Smyrna Elementary and an expansion and conversion of Clayton Intermediate to Clayton Middle. In addition, the plan includes the construction of a new school to serve intermediate grades. This plan will increase our student capacity from 6,800 to 7,800 students and position the district for future growth.

    The district enrollment projections and future grade configuration can be accessed through the links on the left. In addition, there is a link to provide access to the structural and mechanical needs assessments for our buildings and the request submitted to the state Department of Education.

Growth Plan Files

Mechanical System Needs Assessments

Certificate of Necessity Submission