• Smyrna students will have inclusive access to an inspired and exceptional education so that all may realize their academic promise and personal dreams. 


  • We will work collaboratively with educators to strengthen classroom instruction and improve student achievement.  Pedagogical decisions will be research-based and supported with practical strategies and aligned resources.  Educators will receive support in pursuit of continuous professional growth.


  •                     Curriculum and Instruction  

    Kelly Holt                     Director of Curriculum

    Dr. Kate Marvel       Supervisor of Instruction

    Ryan Buchanan     Supervisor of Instruction

    David Morrison      Supervisor of Instruction  

Curriculum Specialists

  • Jessalynn Kenton - Community Relations & Family Engagement Specialist  

    Candace Kelly - ELA Instructional Specialist  

    Phil Wandless - Math Instructional Specialist

    Justin Malin  - Science and Technology Instructional Specialist

    Sandra Hall - Social Studies and Immersion Instructional Specialist


Fundamental Principles

  • Invested:  We will be committed to teachers with a focus on what is best for students.

    Transparent: We will be clear and timely in communication about data and decisions. 

    Informed:  We will be research-based, equitable, and discerning.

    Professional:  We will be competent, committed, and accountable.

    Constant: We will continuously improve through fidelity and persistence.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • The Smyrna School District Office of Curriculum and Instruction is committed to implementing high-quality materials and promoting classroom instruction that establishes a culture of belonging where all the faces, voices, perspectives, and experiences are reflected and valued.  Just as our schools create a safe space for children to feel welcomed, seen, and loved, the instruction and materials they use will do the same.  We will not passively accept hatred, disrespect, intimidation, or intolerance as they have no place in our classrooms, district, or our community.  The Smyrna School District accepts the responsibility of growth, change, hard work, and vigilance that is required to make this vision a reality.